help needed to confirm some basic functionalities (VDCs, clone, ovf, chg vNet, detach cd-rom)

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I’m new to onecloud and would like to learn more from this great community. so could anyone with more experiences help to confirm below please.

1.has anyone setup multiple VDCs to share a single vcenter cluster? so each VDC has their own dedicated set of vNets and Datastores sharing the same compute cluster?
because Host(vcenter cluster) can be assigned to only one OpenNebula cluster(Host,vnets,Datastores), so how do you go about setting up multiple clusters(vdc)??

  1. from onecloud view portal, can you confirm is below task possible?
    clone a running vm
    storage migrate a running vm
    create vm from ovf
    attach/detach cdrom while vm is online
    change vnet while vm is online

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
vonecloud OpenNebula 6.6.0 → vcenter 7.0U3
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