Hi. is it possible to remove a vm from opennebula without removing from vcenter?

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meaning, just remove it from the opennebula inventory

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Hello @Liorme,

Yes, it is possible. You can use this command onevm recover --delete-db.

cool. what’s the full syntax?
say that the vm is called “opennebula”

In that case the command would be onevm recover --delete-db opennebula

Please note that you can always use the --help option to check the command parameters.

No such command there. Only --delete, without the db

Which OpenNebula version are you using?

I believe if I’m correct, if you rename the VM in vCenter, when you try to delete it from OpenNebula, it will send the command and assume vCenter deleted it, but it will still exist, but the machine will disappear from OpenNebula. I’ve done this with 5.4 and below. Just create a VM, once it’s instantiated, rename it in vCenter, then delete it from OpenNebula.

5.6.1 is the version

yeah, i know what you mean
my workaround so far, is to limit the permissions of the vcenter user so it can’t delete vms or datastores, which works, but it’s a little “dirty”

the end result is when i trash the vm, it powers off but stays intact

just installed the 5.8.1, and there i do have the db option, thank you