Hiding Virtual Networks for Users

Dear OpenNebula Forum,

I am looking for a way to simply hide networks that are not usable (either due to permission or due to belonging to a different cluster) by a user (group). We will have a number of users whom will have range of vnet options to select from when instantiating a VM however they will not need to see all the various private networks as this can cause confusion.

Is there a way to have these unwanted networks not to come up when creating a VM?

Thanks in advance!

Edit1: Please let me know if I am misunderstanding some aspects of group configuration.
Edit2: I am reaching the conclusion that my solution might be in quotas.
Edit3: Quotas do not hide other resources for a specific user - I am clearly in the dark with this :roll_eyes:, any help or suggestion is appreciated.

Hi Erik
sorry to revive this old topic, but I am in the same situation
Did you find a solution?


Hi @Marco,

Have you taken a look at Managing Permission and Managing VDCs docs?