How create a windows xp

I am beginner with opennebula, and when i try to create a windows xp vm i h

ave this

Hi Amira!,
welcome to OpenNebula’s forum. Could you run as oneadmin the following command line?

onevm show 42

That will give us some information about your VM which is failing to find a disk or CDROM to boot from.


i delete the vm with id 42 and i create a new one and i have the same problem , when i execute onevm show 46 i have this as a result

Hi amira,
thanks for your feedback. Ok, the disk is there in the template and there’s a boot attribute. Now I’d need more info, sorry. Could you paste the output of the following commands?

  • onetemplate show TEMPLATE_ID -x where TEMPLATE_ID is the ID of the VM template you’re using to deploy the VM
  • oneimage show windows_xp -x


thank you for your attention, i had this as a response for
onetemplate show TEMPLATE_ID -x

and this for oneimage show windows_xp -x

Hi amira,
if I understand well the information you’ve posted, the windows_xp image contains an ISO image. It that is the case you should edit the type that is currently set to OS and change it to CDROM. Then in your VM template in the OS booting section you would select the CDROM as the first device to boot. You may also need an additional DATABLOCK disk where you can install the operating system (you should first create the datablock as empty and then you would set it to OS).

Here are some links and useful posts in the forum that may help you:

Hope it helps you!

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thank you so much , i really appreciate your help

it’s working now thank you so much :grinning: