How to delete used images

Hi all.

Here is my question. I have a few VMs running which i created from non persitent images. So my understanding is the images will never be needed anymore for this particular VMs. If that’s so why can’t I delete those images? ONE complains about not being able to delete this image because it’s used by this VM. Is there a --force switch somewhere? Is there a reason i’m not aware of which prevents this from being possible?

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hi Thomas,

the images are in use by the VM, even in non-persistent mode.
The only difference is that with non-persistent images, the changes are written to a separate disk image.
This way, it will not touch or change the image it started from, but put all the changes in another file.

image + VM => changes are written to the original image

image + VM => changes are written to an extra image, the original image stays “clean” (but is still in use)

Hi Roland.

Thanks for the answer. Uh, and i know the difference between persistent and non-persistent. My question remains. Why can’t I delete the original image of a VM who is was created from that image but is non-persistent and therefore has no connections anymore the the original image?

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My explanations for this design decision is because of the feature to “delete - recreate)” a VM from the “master” image. If the used space is bothering you, you can trim the file on the front-end manually, but later this “master image” could be only deleted. not used anymore.

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Anton Todorov