How to generate listing of all ports assigned in opennebula for remoteviewer access?


We have a limited # of ports available in our networks. As such we assigned the port manually in the template prior to deploying the VM. This worked great until we ran out of ports and started recycling old ports that had previouely been assigned to “now deleted” VMs.

We now find ourselves looking through the templages of ALL VM’s to see what ports might be available.

Ideally we would like to display a list of all ports in use so we know what ports are available (free).

onevm list will show important but not the port.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to easily obtain this info?


Hi peter,

Now this is stored in the DB in a bitmap (there is no VM association), but
the VNC ports. This is stored in a table cluster_vnc_bitmap, per cluster.
This is not exposed through the API, but you can safetly query the DB.


Ruben, I thought I had gotten back to you thanking for this info. Sorry for the delay in showing my appreciation for your support. Gracias Pedro