How to import an existing Proxmox LXC into opennebula

Hello everyone and our first topic in this forum. We are evaluating the community edition (ver 6,2) with a running front and an LXC node. How do we import an existing running container in Proxmox to opennebula?


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OpenNebula doesn’t have a feature to import a running instance on another platform. There is however a feature of the hypervisor nodes that allows importing running instances, not managed by OpenNebula with limited functionality. These instances are called wild VMs. In order to import the containers like this, you’d have to add the proxmox server as an OpenNebula host. However the feature is not implemented yet for the LXC driver.

In order to properly import the container, you’d have to save the container rootfs and extra mount entries into an image file and then import that file into an OpenNebula datastore. Then create a VM Template for the container and reference that image. If there is some specific container configuration you had prior to importing the container, you can save it into a profile or pass them as raw attributes, more on that here.