How to install OpenNebula on Ubuntu 20.04

Hello all,
I have been going through the ubuntu documentation and I can’t find any notable source on installing opennebula on ubuntu 20.04. I tried that for ubuntu 18.04 but it didn’t work. I really need your help.

Hello @Amaobi_Victor,

You can find the installation guide here at the official documentation:

The stable version is not available for Ubuntu 20.04 if you want you can try the new 5.12 RC:

Thanks. It worked

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Hi Victor,

I just installed ubuntu 20.04.1 on fresh metal and wanted to try out opennebula. What instructions did you follow to install opennebula on ubuntu 20.04lts?


Just follow the official documentation as the new 5.12 supports Ubuntu 20.04 :wink: