How to monitor Virtual Machines on OpenNebula via CLI?

I am trying to develop a cloud-bursting solution for our cluster. What I need is a way to monitor the VM’s on the openNebula cluster and turn off those vm’s whose cpu consumption is less then 10% for a certain amount of time. I am stuck at monitoring part.

I am not able to find any way via which I can timely monitor the VM’s for the CPU/Memory consumption status.

I am writing code on python. I am also using libcloud to access the openNebula from my code.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Have you taken a look at onegate/oneflow? That is essentially what they do, no extra tooling required as i undertand it…

Thanks Jason,
But since I didn’t got a reply in time, I tried something else.
I grep the CPU load from the ‘top’ command (which I run on the VM’s using
paramiko in python).
So it’s working for now.
Coming back to the question, no, I haven’t went through onegate or oneflow.
I’ll definitely try that and look for more options.
Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it.