How to run an algorithm on a Virtual machine?

Hey guys ! So I am supposed to do a project where i run an algorithm(written in java) on one or more virtual machines and compare the performance ! However i am not able to upload an algorithm on a virtual machine. How am i supposed to proceed ?

How would you do on any other kind of VM? Same way as usual, as physical server etc. You upload your code, you run it.

you can also have an install_script in your VM context to get your code etc automatically. Cf documentation about contextualization.

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Can you show me how to run a basic Java code on a virtual machine ?
I have tried but it’s not working and my deadline of the project is close by !

Well sure:

java myfile

As I said, it doesn’t matter if it’s inside a vm or not.

For a CentOS (VM) machine you can install java with yum install java

Then there is so many way to deliver your code… RPM, containers, Maeven/Jenkins, etc

Could you be more specific when you say it’s not working ?

Is there any editor platform available on OpenNebula to work with codes ?