How to show only selected datastore to enduser console when they create new image

Opennebula version : 5.2
I want to restrict the end user to view or create there extra image in all the vcenter datastore .

When i am trying to allocate Quota to group/user i have use selected datastore but from user login all the datastore are visible and they can create new image in all the available datastore .

Can we restrict the end user to create image in only administrator given datastore with limited quota .

How can i use the vcenter imported template to user the datastore image quota once the end user deploy vm from the template .

I dont want to 'show this all datastore to end user as is showing in Datostore tab .

See ACLs…

Thanks for you replay but i have try to create VDC and ACL for user this datastore list not effected .

Hi! Please show ACLs page.

Thanks for you replay .
This is how i create new ACL for user and group but in this i am not finding and any way to allocate specify datastore to use the end user/group to create new image .

Please suggest me if i am doing any mistake

Show previous page.

Please look the ACL page

Ok i understand but how can i select only specify Datastore instead of all

Delete and create new ACL with only needed datastore

Thanks for you replay its worked …
So i need to use Resource subset ID instead of all, then what is the role of VDC resource ??

Yes, I can’t find any different solution.

Thanks for your help can you also help me on below topic :-

After selected the datastore ACL i not able to deploy the vm from templates
error : [TemplateInstantiate] User [18] : Not authorized to perform CREATE TEMPLATE.

Give permissions on IMAGE datastore

I have given permission but when i deploy the vm from template on opennebula dashboard it not actually deploy in vcenter instead of that it will be in pending stage on Opnenebula dashboard .