Image creation with url path causes XML-RPC timeout and failure

Hi, I am using this command with OpenNebula 4.12.1 and i am getting after 10 sec hang:

# oneimage create -d 1 --name imagename --path 'http://random.url/service/local/artifact/maven/redirect?r=repo-images&g=group&a=production&v=LATEST&p=raw'

After digging up I little bit, I see that the script is not even called. In fact, it seems that XML-RPC freaks out and fails. This seems easily reproducible. If I use a regular url without ‘?’ or ‘&’ or ‘=’ chars, the image creation works flawlessly. The oned logs show nothing.

Is there a way to escape chars in such a url so that things don’t break? Should I open a bug?

Hi Héctor, it’s good to see you around!

Do you get to see in oned.log the ‘method invoked’ message? Please open a ticket with your findings and we’ll take a look.

oned.log didn’t show anything… I had the feeling the server side either gets stuck early or it’s not getting the request at all and it’s a pure client issue. Btw same when trying from sunstone.

You should be able to try it with my example above literally, since the downloader is not called there is no need for the url to be real (at least in my case).

I am also getting same problem on OpenNebula 5.8.5. While uploading using GUI mode shows "There was a server excetion and upload failed. And while using command line show following error:

root@sun:# oneimage create --datastore default --name GOautodial --path /opt/GOautodial-4-x86_64-Final-20191010-0150.iso --description “GOautodial for IPTSP.”