[ImageAllocate] Cannot parse image SIZE:

I am trying to create image using path, but i cannot able to do that. It show ‘cannot parse image size’. It works perfectly on image upload method. What is this error and how to resolve this?

Where will the OS image file stored in server. So i can give it in the path while creating image?

Please anyone reply fast???

If you want to upload an image using a path (source path where the image you want to upload is located) I think the problem is that you have to make sure that the image is in a directory that allows image imports. By default /var/tmp is a valid authorized path (visit this link for an example using the CLI).

If you look at your image datastore configuration (e.g onedatastore show datastore_ID) you’ll see the following in the datastore template section:


According to docs, that means that only paths in SAFE_DIRS will be a valid source path.

Also if you want to know where images are stored visit the official docs in any case the PATH is used for source not for where the image will be placed.