Inherit disk snapshots

When a disk snapshot is created, it is inherited by the parent.

“This is now implemented for 5.4” -
But now I have ONe 5.4 with enabled ALLOW_ORPHANS for Ceph DS and it isn`t working.

    DS_MIGRATE = "NO", DRIVER = "raw", ALLOW_ORPHANS="yes"

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
CentOS 7, ceph version 10.2.10 (5dc1e4c05cb68dbf62ae6fce3f0700e4654fdbbe), One 5.4.1

Steps to reproduce:

Current results:

Expected results:
Snapshots can live without parents

Hi Roman,

As it is not clear I would speculate that you are working with upgraded OpenNebula.

You should check the following:

  • Despite TM_MAD_CONF you must have ALLOW_ORPHANS = YES in each datastore that have ceph as TM_MAD. This will enable the option for the newly created VMs.

  • On the current VMs dump the metadata XML using onevm show $VMID --xml and check the /VM/SNAPSHOTS/ALLOW_ORPHANS value should be YES. If it is NO you could alter the VM record to change it to YES and fix the snapshots relations. Here is a short example how you could do this (Please note that you should backup the database to revert if anything went wrong):

# For example to change ALLOW_ORPHANS=YES on DISK_ID=0 of VM_ID=42
# you should repeat for each disk in the VM metadata
onedb change-body vm --id 42 '/VM/SNAPSHOTS[DISK_ID=0]/ALLOW_ORPHANS' -- "YES"

Also you must flatten the snapshots tree by changing the snapshots PARENT to -1:

# change _PARENT=-1_ for snapshot 0 and 1 of disk 0 on VM 42
# you should repeat the step for all disk snapshots
onedb change-body vm --id 42 '/VM/SNAPSHOTS[DISK_ID=0]/SNAPSHOT[ID=0]/PARENT' -- "-1"
onedb change-body vm --id 42 '/VM/SNAPSHOTS[DISK_ID=0]/SNAPSHOT[ID=1]/PARENT' -- "-1"

Now if you refresh(reload?) the interface in sunstone you should b able to delete each snapshot.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov

Thank you.
For a new VMs that`s ok.
But for current VMs there are problems.

onedb change-body vm --id 23 '/VM/SNAPSHOTS[DISK_ID=0]/SNAPSHOT[ID=0]/PARENT' -- "-1"
onedb change-body vm --id 23 '/VM/SNAPSHOTS[DISK_ID=0]/SNAPSHOT[ID=1]/PARENT' -- "-1"

After flatten snapshots i have two active snapshots and can`t delete them.

Hi Roman,

At first glance it looks like there is something cached in the sunstone and/or your browser. It is very basic tree representation schema - each snapshot has pointer to it’s parent with root one set to ‘-1’. To verify the VM’s metadata can you provide the VM’s XML onevm show 23 --xml to see is there something fishy. Feel free to edit any sensitive data before posting it.

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov


Hi Roman,

the DISK and SNAPSHOTS entries has no ALLOW_ORPHANS=yes attribute, and the first snapshot (with id=0) has childrens attribute… Unfortunately onedb change-body has no function to add entries yet (F#5448, F#5532). So I’ve scratched a quick extension for onedb patch tool to fix the VM’s metadata table the hard way…

How to use:

  1. download the above gist as file named allow_orphans.rb
  2. Stop the opennebula service
  3. Run onedb patch <database related argumets> allow-orphans.rb which will do the following:
    add ALLOW_ORPHANS=YES for each DISK entry
    add ALLOW_ORPHANS=YES for each set of disk SNAPSHOTS
    delete the CHILDREN element in each disk SNAPSHOT entry
    update PARENT element to ‘-1’ in each disk SNAPSHOT entry
  4. Start the opennebula service
  5. Restart opennebula-sunstone service

Use onedb patch --help for more information how set DB connection argumets

The tool will create a backup of the database, but to be on the safe side please do your own backup of the database too in case anything goes wrong.

If this doesn’t help I am out of ideas …

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov

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Thank you. It works.

 VM_ID:23 state:3 lcm_state:3
        SNAPSHOT_ID:0 :: <PARENT><![CDATA[-1]]></PARENT>
        SNAPSHOT_ID:1 :: <PARENT><![CDATA[-1]]></PARENT>