Is Nvidia Grid GPU supported?

We are testing the software and would like to know if we are able to get NVIDIA GRID gpus passed to the guest. It is basically one GPU that can split into vGPU, and each one of those can be assigned to a VM.
If this is covered under support, we would also be willing to join support.


Hi Josep (@titansmc),

You can definitely achieve this with OpenNebula - specifically by using PCI passthrough of the virtual devices. The only caveat is that you cannot mix them. So you can do passthrough of the GPU card, or of the associated vGPU, but not both.
And logically this covered under OpenNebula support subscriptions.

Reply with any other questions!!

That is great, we are actually considering getting commercial support. We would use it as replacement for the VMWare Horizon stack. I know they have a client that conects to a broker so then users can use a machine with GPU. How would you do that in OpenNebula?