Is there a way to shedule VM actions on a regular basis?

I have read how to add an action for VM at a specific date/time.
But how can I schedule to power-off-snapshot-power-on particular VM say, every week at specified time?
I don’t want to mess with snapshots, because I tend to use block devices instead of raw/qcow2 image files
Therefore I want to be able to power off VM, then to execute a script, which would make a backup of this VM, and then power ON this VM again.
I didn’t find any mention about such possibility in docs.

Right now you can only do that with flows.

Thank you. It is totally dissapointing.
Now I see Proxmox designed way better.

Hello @azlk @jfontan Have you got any easy way to solve the issue mentioned.

Hello @ahuertas @ruben @rdiaz
How can I add custom actions/states for VM.
I want to create some action/state like reboot,poweroff, terminate.
I want to add those for scheduling VM and apply hook over that, please help me on the topic and share some thoughts.