Issues with DRBDManage driver

I am new to OpenNebula and am trying out 5.4 hyperconverged with the DRBDManage driver for storage and am experiencing a number of issues with the driver.

I have installed the latest DRBD/DRBDManage and configured a cluster with the lvm_thinlv.LvmThinLv driver. This is working as expected on its own.

I have installed the OpenNebula DRBDManage driver from GITHub as per the README instructions and this works to the extent that I can define DRBDManage Image and System Datastores in a cluster and have done so.

But, the TM side of the driver functionality (specifically the TM action scripts that are needed for a system datastore) seem to be fundamentally broken to the point that I am wondering if I am trying to do something that driver isn’t supposed to support. For instance, I cannot deploy a VM because the tm/drbdmanage/context script does not exist, there are errors in the logs because the tm/drbdmanage/monitor script does not exist, etc.

So before logging the specific issues (and solutions for some of them) that I have found in GITHub, I have to ask, is the OpenNebula DRBDManage driver as it is in GITHub supposed to work with OpenNebula 5.4 for DRBDManage Image and System Datastores?

If not how is it supposed to be used?