Log purge of /var/log/one

Quoting right from IRC:
A new issue worries me, and i’m wondering if this is just temporary. I got ONE 5.8.1 running yesterday, and /var/log/one contains already 1.log - 1175.log files. Meaning quite a lot. Our production instance which is 5.4.13 after running for a few months has only 65 logs in it, most of them from today with numbers up at 2364013.log (yeah, we’ve cloned over 2 million VMs). A few of the logs are scattared from different dates during these months.

So my question is…is the new version lacking a purge of logs or isn’t it just as efficient as the old one?

I mean, if it doesn’t start cleaning it up, I’ll be running out of inodes on the hard drive not before long :smiley:

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Seems we had a hook in place that took care of the cleanup, and the hook was removed since it was fixed at some point into openNebula (https://dev.opennebula.org/issues/150). I guess I can leave it creating those logs for now and see if the patch really does work, if I need to hook it again.