Lost oneadmin password

So I was installing ON for my first time on a Debian Jessie machine. I added the package repositories, and installed the packages, and then the documents say I should put my password in ~oneadmin/.one/one_auth… I looked in that file, and it was something long and random and not even slightly memorable, so I changed it to something I could remember, and then, as per the install doc, su’ed to oneadmin, and ran “one start”, and it turns out it was already started!

That should be fine, but I didn’t keep a copy of the old password! Now I don’t seem to be able to do ANYTHING. For example, “oneuser list” returns the error “[UserPoolInfo] User couldn’t be authenticated, aborting call.”

I also can’t log in using “oneuser login” and the password I know that is in the .one/one_auth…

So I tried googling the problem, but the answer seems to be either log in as another admin (but in my case, none others exist), or manually change the hash in the database… So I tried the latter:

one stop
sqllite3 one.db
update user_pool set body="…" where name=“oneadmin”;

I created a new hash by running " echo password | openssl sha1" and then edited it into the xml in the body

and then I restarted one…

It worked not at all.

Any ideas how I can reset this and get back to square one? (heh. Pun not intended)

Hi Richard,

You should generate the hash without the trailing newline character:

echo -n password | openssl sha1

and then update the db file with the generated hash

If it does not help, as it is fresh install you can stop the opennebula service delete the one.db file and start it again.
When there is no db file found it will create a new one using the credentials from ~/.one/one_auth.

I hope this helps.
Kind Regards,
Anton Todorov

AHA! That did it. Totally a smack-my-head moment. Thanks. Just for completeness, I also had to remember to stop and start one, which I after updating the database. :smiley: