LXD - All VMs in Unknown state

Hello guys,

For some reasons, all VMs on our LXD Node (zdh-006) are in Unknown status (while they are actually running). I’ve tried to run onehost forceupdate zdh-006 from Opennebula server as oneadmin, however, no luck so far. The log from VM looks the following way, no issues reported:

Sun May 2 04:55:28 2021 [Z0][VMM][I]: Successfully execute network driver operation: post.
Sun May 2 04:55:28 2021 [Z0][VM][I]: New LCM state is RUNNING
Fri May 21 06:28:34 2021 [Z0][VM][I]: New LCM state is UNKNOWN

Has anybody faced such issues? We’re going to upgrade our Opennebula, however, the documentation says to have all VMs running in known states (like running, stop, suspended and etc.)

Any suggestions are highly appreciated!

LXD is running on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS
LXD version: 3.0.4