LXD supported version by ONE?


What is the supported version of LXD within ONE?
According to this: https://linuxcontainers.org/lxd/news/
were are 3.18 as of today.

How do we see what version of LXD is supported per deployment of ONE or is ONE agnostic to what ver of LXD nodes are running? But then again, if we need to leverage features of LXD, migration etc, I assume we would need to know what ONE can natively support for such LXD’s.

So a bit confused. If someone could clarify, I will appreciate it.



OpenNebula currently supports lxd 3.0.x, as stated in the documentation. Supporting the latest stable versions is a bit hard to do, since those version come out roughly a month and don’t have the same stability as the LTS ones, thus, it could create incompatibility. You can, however, roll the dices and, after installing the opennebula-node-lxd package, replace the default LTS lxd snap package installed by a stable one.