Migrate from RAW to QCOW2

Hello everyone,
I use a Ceph datastore as an image repository. The system datastore is localhost and by using TM_MAD as ssh everything is working great. I want to change VM image format from RAW to qcow2 due to the use of incremental backup. In VM template I add DRIVER=qcow2 but it’s still create RAW format (I checked by qemu-img info).

DISK = [
  DEV_PREFIX = "vd",
  DRIVER = "qcow2",
  IMAGE = "Debian 11",]

What should I change more? RBD uses RAW disk, maybe it’s impossible to convert it to qcow2?


Actually yes, RBD uses RAW disk format, when the VM is deployed it is automatically converted.
The snapshots made in RBD images (for incremental backups) are Ceph-based.

Did you have any problem defining a incremental backup job with a ceph based image?


Hello Bruno
Thank you for your answer. I resolved this problem by creating a new Datastore with qcow2 OS images.
Anyway live incremental backup is not working. When I turned off VM, backup was done. I get the below error:

Error: Error executing ‘virsh --connect qemu:///system backup-begin --reuse-external --backupxml /var/lib/one//datastores/167/814/tmp/backup.xml --checkpointxml /var/lib/one//datastores/167/814/tmp/checkpoint.xml 48b71aba-6b4c-45f4-ba1f-443361995077’: error: Operation not supported: creating checkpoint for incremental backup is not supported yet

libvirtd 8.0.0
qemu 5.2.0
opennebula 6.8.0