Migration from OnApp to OpenNebula

I tried to migrate one VM from OnApp to OpenNebula but keep getting the message on OpenNebula ‘‘boot failed. no bootable disk.’’

Anybody done this?

Hi @andreap

The OnApp VMs are booting from bootable cdrom with installed grub. So you should import a bootable cdrom image to opennebula and add it the VM as a bootable device. Alternatively you should install grub in the VM root disk before migrating.

For the networking, to preserve the same MAC on the NICs you must create a VNET of type Ethernet and add the ONAPP MACs there. The IPs should be defined in ARs on a separate VNET. Then attach/create the NIC in the VM with the MAC from the ethernet only VNET and attach the IP(s) as an Alias from the VNET with the IPs.

Last but not least, you should install the opennebula’s contextualisation in the vm. Please note that if you have multiple IPs per interface there is a difference how they are drfined, at least on CentOS…

Hope this helps.

Best Regards
Anton Todorov


Thank you for your help.