Migration of VM from one opennebula environment to another opennebula

I am trying to migrate/move all VMs from old opennebula environment ( 5.4) to a new build Opennebula (5.6) environment

OpenNebula 5.4 & 5.6 both are running over separate hardware with Centos7… SQL Lite database

I am having image and deployment files over shared storage for VMs and image files

Current results:
I had trying to add VM with deployment file using virsh through define and start options and it will show running state.
Then if I look opennebula console that VM reflects in Zombie state and cannot be imported

Expected results:
All VMs must be available in new OpenNebula 5.6 with same configuration and images.

please help here.

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Is anybody done this? any clue will be helpful.

Hi, my opinion in such case will be:

copy oned DB from 5.4 to 5.6 and upgrade
copy all custom configs to new infra
copy all datastores with images and deployment files.

I except same naming - nodes, datastores, networks.

There is already questions about this How to move VMs (persistent & non-persistent) between Opennebula systems