Moving VM's from one Opennebula instance to another

Hello all,

I am in the process of moving our Virtual machines from one Opennebula instance to another.
Currently they are all up and working on the OLD current instance.
I have built the new instance and I am now looking to Move these over (Or clone them and move them).

is there any easy way to do so, i know i will need to reconfigure networking etc. I am wondering if there is any way to bundle the current VM as a qcow2 file or .raw and then upload this to the new Setup, i can then move these over.

has anyone ever done anything like this before.

i would rather avoid rebuilding all the server’s again

Hello, Yes I did it with SSH datastore and qcow disks when I was importing VM’s from clear KVM host to the Opennebula.
There are 2 ways

  • I created an empty VM in Opennebula and shut it, then I copied manually VM disks to the host and renamed it as disk1, disk2 respectively.
  • I created a new VM in Opennebula with working OS, added disks and made migration with (dd, dump) inside the auxiliary OS. After it I changed the boot order in VM’s configuration.

Also I’ve tried to move a entire host with VMs
My old experiment
In a nutshell: OpenNebula is not prepared for that scenario

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Thanks for the reply

Where does opennebula actually keep the disk images and in what format , so I can basically copy these over from host to host is what your saying and just rename accordingly

Just a thank you,

I did as you mentioned and this worked , thanks again.