It's possible to import nodes form different Opennebula system?

I want to “safe” migrate from Opennebula4.14 to Opennebula5. It’s possible to import nodes with VM one by one from Opennebula 4.14 to Opennebula 5?
I have tried it, but VM on imported nodes displayed as zombie VM. (I have copied new ssh key, and upgraded package opennebula-nodes)

I did it in laboratory:
I have had Frontend Opennebula + Node version 14.4
… created VM (one-1)
… deployed New Frontend Opennebula
… added new ssh keys to Node, and installed opennebula-node from 5.0 repository
… added node to Opennebula 5
… saved vm’s configuration in xml file on the node via virsh
… changed vm’s name from one-1 to vm-one-1
… shutdown vm
… create vm via virsh create
And I was able to import vm from wild.

Unfortunately, you can’t do migrate, undeploy, and other useful operations for imported vm’s.


What you are trying to do will not work, OpenNebula is not prepared for that scenario.

The upgrade procedure is described here:

It can be “soft” scenario for upgrade. You prepare new ecosystem and migrate there, with rollback chance.