Migrate from OpenNebula 5.2 back to pure KVM

I have a small sized virtualized environment consisting of 6 KVM hosts, having a total of 200 vm guest with Shared NAS mounted on each KVM host, networking was done using Linux Bridge. I am strongly considering OpenNebula to ease management and provide private cloud services as I am about to add 5 more nodes. I have read that it is possible to import my existing VM’s into OpenNebula,

  1. How would storage already mounted on my KVM hosts be handled in this scenario?
  2. Is it possible to roll-back to a pure KVM setup after migrating to OpenNebula? i.e can I mount storage created by OpenNebula directly on KVM hypervisors and move on?
  3. Lastly what advantages do OpenNebula have over oVirt

I would love to talk to consult someone on this issue asap. as I need to make a decision quickly.

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OpenNebula allows you to import existing VMs. For more information you can check the docs

Thanks for the reply Sergio. I am going through the docs.
However what I am trying to find out is, If I decide sometime in the future to move away from OpenNebula, can I continue to use the Hosts as pure KVM nodes without loosing VMs created by OpenNebula?

I think you won’t be able. Due to the way OpenNebula manages KVM VMs, if you shut down a running VM, it will disappear.

Thanks a lot for the reply Sergio. You have been most helpful

Glad to help!