Multi instances

Ttylinux needs lxd add on?

ttylinux is a KVM virtual appliance. Don’t know why you were asking for LXD.

I do not ask for lxd but why Two instances does not work on the same node… The first start regularly, the other remains pending

Ubuntu 16.04 - LXD is a virtual appliance that works only with LXD. This will not run with the usual setup. What I mean, is, if you want to test serveral instances don’t use this image. The problem when more than one ttylinux, dont’t know. I really don’t understand the log.

Yes the Ubuntu Image is a lxd container and does not work as you rightly said… but the problem concerns two images on the same node.
The Ubuntu Image it was my mistake … Sorry.
But with Two ttylinux images in kvm node does not work

Look like you need help from the devs. Sorry.

do not worry any advice is useful. thanks for the support. I hope I can find the solution together …

Hi…good news!
I have solved the problem…:smiley:
The ruby version on the front-end is a different version present on the node because the front-end was installed on a Centos7.4 while the nodes on a Centos6.9.
From the official repository Centos7.x uses ruby 2.0.0 while Centos6.x uses ruby 1.8.x…now on the nodes I have installed manuanly the right version of ruby and now all work fine.
The second instance does not start because the front-end did not receive the system information.
bye and thank yuo very much

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Good to know it. Maybe there should be a warning on OpenNebula guides…