Multiple Public Subnets on single virtual nework

We are moving all our public IPv4 subnets to One and from what we see it is only possible to add one subnet.

Is is possible to add another subnet to an existing virtual network that already has a separate IPv4 subnet ?

Hi @Ben_McGuire,

You could try defining the subnets as additional Address Ranges (AR) to the existing network definition. If you add fields like GATEWAY, NETWORK_ADDRESS, NETWORK_MASK they will take precedence over the ones defined on the interface definition.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov

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Hi @atodorov_storpool

You were on the money. Adding the fields was the solution and now I can add all other subnets. I have deployed and test VM and correct IP addresses as well as gateway is added to the VM. I have attached a screenshot to assist others.

Once again thank you for your invaluable advice.!!!