Network Security


We have question about network security issue.
Our current environment is OpenNebula over VmWare ESX6.
How we can harden user from change IP address inside their VM?
For example, if we have several users inside same group - users can change IP and call IP conflict with other user VM.

In our previous environment (OpenNebula over KVM) we use OpenvSwitch, which reject traffic with incorrect source/destination.

Could we somehow configure same behaviour?

P.S. Sorry for my English, it is not my native.

Hi Anton!
I’m afraid that there’s no current OpenNebula’s feature that can be used for that issue and I can’t think on what could be used in ESX to achieve that goal. However, if you are thinking on an specific feature of vCenter that enforces that IP check, you can open a feature ticket at explaining how would you do that in vCenter so it can be checked if it could be ported to OpenNebula.