New setup but not create image

I installed the Minione. After 5 minutes, I wanted to create an image by following this video.

but I am getting an error as below. There are two “/ /” signs, I think the script installation in the repo is doing it wrong. I did the installation on ubuntu focal.


Can you post the full error log ?

my setup input
Path in OpenNebula server or URL

this full error log.

Tue Aug 2 12:07:10 2022 : Error copying image in the datastore: INFO: cp: Copying local image docker://nginx:stable-alpine?size=1024&filesystem=ext4&format=raw&distro=alpine to the image repository ERROR: cp: Command “set -e -o pipefail; /var/lib/one/remotes/datastore/fs/…/ ‘docker://nginx:stable-alpine?size=1024&filesystem=ext4&format=raw&distro=alpine’ ‘/var/lib/one//datastores/1/cdc731b35d031d2c4dda489237f138c6’” failed: Error: No such object: nginx:stable-alpine:latest jq: error (at :1): Cannot iterate over null (null) Error copying Error copying docker://nginx:stable-alpine?size=1024&filesystem=ext4&format=raw&distro=alpine to /var/lib/one//datastores/1/cdc731b35d031d2c4dda489237f138c6

That video was made on an old version of OpenNebula, if you are interested in using images from dockerhub, we actually have it integrated as a marketplace. You will get on top the benefits of an auto-contextualized image.

In fact, the reason for using opennebula is to make it easy to manage firecracker machines. If there is an explanation in the rootfs creation section for Firecracker, I can look there as well.

Hi @Nurullah_CALISKAN,

It seems your URL is not properly build, you’re using:


Note that you’re setting the tag as name:tag. If you take a look at the official documentation you have to pass the tag as an URL argument:


As @dclavijo said, the video is based on and old version of OpenNebula, so the format used differs with the current implementation.

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@cgonzalez thank you so much, yeah it work :slight_smile:

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