New Webinar: Why Cloud Service Providers should join GAIA-X

Join us next week to learn about GAIA-X (, the :eu: federated data infrastructure project in which OpenNebula collaborates, and discover how companies from around the world will benefit from this virtual hyperscaler! :rocket:

Our guest speakers for this event will be Andreas Weiss (Director of EuroCloud Germany) and Mirko Lampe (Coordinator of GAIA-X Workstream 2—Technical Implementation) :star_struck:

This week’s webinar on Gaia-X is now available on demand! :point_right: Many thanks to our amazing guest speakers, Andreas Weiss and Mirko Lampe!

Cloud Service Providers interested in Gaia-X, or planning to join this initiative, please let us know by sending an email to :satellite:

PS - Here you can find more details about our involvement in Gaia-X :wink: