Node hostname not member of service network


I have three nodes with three network interfaces each (one of them is front-ned too):
1G eth0
10G eth1
10G eth2

At the moment all host hostnames are resolving to IP of 1G network(eth0) so all transfer manager operations (VM instantiation, migration etc) are passed via this(slow) network. I would like to use 10G network.

At the moment I am thinkering following solutions:

  1. add node hostname to ‘service network’ IP to /etc/hosts on the front-end
  2. change node hostname to resolve as ‘service network’ IP

Are there other variants to utilize ‘service network’ that I am missing?

Any suggestions are welcome!

Anton Todorov

Yes, this a typical problem with /etc/hosts and DNS… I would suggest simply renaming the host to something that resolves to the correct IP. Would this be possible at all?

Using DNS is the way to go I believe, at least an ad-hoc dnsmasq running in the frontend. Note that all the hosts need to be able to resolve to each other for (live)migrations to work. Simply doing this in the /etc/hosts of the fronted would not be enough I think.

Re-reading your post… Do you still want the ssh connections to go through the slow link? If that’s the case you are indeed right:

/etc/hosts in the frontend to resolve to the slow interface
/etc/hosts or DNS in the nodes to resolve to the fast interfaces

Thank you for the reply. I will use DNS to set desired hostname resolving.

Anton Todorov