Not able to Create Vm from Template if Deploment Mode is shared in Storage Tab

Good Day
I have Ceph poll “one” for System and Image DataStore. for right now problem is: if host down where VM running - Hook “Host Error” executed and tring to copy files of VM (xml files and etc) from not working node to live node… but get failed (host is down)
So I tried to set Deployment Mode to shared in VM Template, but after that - not able to create VM. Error in Oned.log is:
Fri Jan 7 08:06:17 2022 [Z0][ReM][E]: Req:6656 UID:0 one.vm.update result FAILURE [one.vm.update] Cannot update template. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected VARIABLE, expecting EQUAL or EQUAL_EMPTY at line 32702, columns 137:139

But i set back: Deployment mode to default in Storage Tab - VM creates without any issues

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