One-context script in template. Where is it in the VM once created?

I have a script defined in the VM Template Context tab. When my VM is instantiated and one-context service started, it pulls down this script and executes.

But there’s a bug in the script and I can’t find how the VM pulls the script down and executes it.

Is it from the VM Template or is the context script attached to the VM when I create the VM from the template and onegate just connects to the template somehow?


Hello @TomK

This script is in charge of executing the start script, so you can put here some debug information to try to find out what’s going on. The scripts are located in /etc/one-context.d inside the VM.


Yes, noticed net-97-start-script is in /tmp/one-context. however my own script wasn’t there.

Poked around a bit to figure out where my one context script is. Eventually figured it out that it was embedded in the VM (Script was copied from the template to the VM at creation time) as a base64 encoded string. I just edited it and inserted a new base64 encoded script.

Now it’s updated. also helped. :slight_smile: