Onedb fsck log file not found


Not sure it is a bug or not, after i run the onedb fck command, at the end it says a log file created at /var/log/one/onedb-fsck.log and the file is actually not created (or not in that directory)

MySQL dump stored in /var/lib/one/mysql_localhost_opennebula.sql_2015-4-8_11:37:26.bck
Use 'onedb restore' or restore the DB using the mysql command:
mysql -u user -h server -P port db_name < backup_file

Total errors found: 0
A copy of this output was stored in /var/log/one/onedb-fsck.log

[root@server ~]# ls -l /var/log/one/onedb-fsck.log
ls: cannot access /var/log/one/onedb-fsck.log: No such file or directory


I think the problem is that we only send the individual error to the log file, in this case 0 were found.
Maybe in this case the file should at least contain the Total error found.