OneFlow service stuck in pending if group not oneadmin

I use ON 4.8 to deploy a service with OpenFlow. If the user that instantiates the service is not in the oneadmin group, the service gets stuck in pending. The master role is instantiated but somehow OneFlow never realizes that and never deploys the slaves. Similarly if I have a service with only one role, VMs are deployed endlessly.
The service template belongs to onedmin but the user has the permissions to use it. I have checked that the VM templates corresponding to the roles can be instantiated correctly by the user without using OneFlow. Am I missing something? Maybe some special ACL config is needed?

Hi Sara,

Are you still experiencing this issue? I’m trying to reproduce it, with no luck. Could you send us the output of the following commands and please check if there is any error in /var/log/one/oneflow.log|oneflow.error:
oneflow show SERVICE_ID -j
oneflow-template show TEMPLATE_ID -j