Oneimage thinks disk is attached to VM but onevm doens't show disk

i have an issue where one of my vms seems to have forgotten that it already had a second disk attached, but when i check the image oneimage still says the image is attached to the vm and onevm won’t let me attach the image to the vm because it’s “already in use”.
any ideas how to fix that other than hoping onedb -fsck will do it ?

Hello @cnfzd,

First of all check onedb fsck. If that doesn’t fix the issue, check oneimage show <IMAGE_ID> -x and onevm show <VM_ID> -x to see if the image is really in use.

At last option, you can use onedb update-body commands to fix the information.

Also if the image is persinstant, take into account that it can only be used by one VM at a time.