OpenNebula 5.12 and Docker hub integration

I’m trying to create an image using Docker hub but always end up with an error:

: Error copying image in the datastore: Error copying docker://alpine?tag=3.12.0&size=1024&filesystem=ext4&format=raw to /var/lib/one/datastores/101/3bbd7560a9697b30b5c6a3eabab

How should I go about troubleshooting this error? BTW, the image data store has a number of other images from KVM/LXD market place so i don’t think there is any issue with it.


Hello @jbuggie,

Can you confirm that your frontend fulfill all the requirements listed here: ?

the front end box meets all those requirements. I was able to download and use KVM/LXD images. Just having problem with docker hub.

Typically, the main problem with using DockerHub is the oneadmin user configuration. Note that in order to being able to export the image from the DockerHub, OpenNebula needs to build the image using Docker, so Docker needs to be running and available for oneadmin.

In order to check oneadmin configuration could you follow the steps below?

  • Using id command, check that oneadmin belongs to docker group.
  • Restart OpenNebula service to make sure that oneadmin belonged to the docker group before starting the OpenNebula service.
  • Ensure that you’re able to run docker run nginx as oneadmin.

Thanks for your help. I think it’s OK after restarting the opennebula service. Would it be possible to identify this type of error using logs info somewhere? I’ve looked in various log files on the front end in /var/log/one but could not locate the relevant info.

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Yes, we can improve the logging messages. I’ve also added a warning note in the docs to help people facing the same problem.

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