OpenNebula 5.6 ‘Blue Flash’ is Out!

The OpenNebula project is proud to announce the availability of the stable release of OpenNebula 5.6 ‘Blue Flash’. Blue Flash is the fourth release of the OpenNebula 5 series.

A significant effort has been applied in this release to enhance features introduced in 5.4 Medusa, while keeping an eye in implementing those features more demanded by the community. A massive set of improvements happened at the core level to increase robustness and scalability, and a major refactor happened in the vCenter integration, particularly in the import process, which has been streamlined. Virtually every component of OpenNebula has been reviewed to target usability and functional improvements, trying to keep API changes to a minimum to avoid disrupting ecosystem components.

OpenNebula 5.6 Blue Flash is considered to be a stable release and as such, and update is available in production environments.

Check the blog post for more information on this new release.

OpenNebula, the fastest smurf alive!