Opennebula 6.6.0 syslog

is it possible to use external syslog for opennebula logs?
i couldn’t find any setting or “how to”.
thank you

Hi @Liorme :wave:

You can use the OpenNebula’s integration with Prometheus to achieve this. This way, you can collect and measure all the logs and values from your cloud. You can use your own external Prometheus for this purpose or the one integrated with the OpenNebula packages.

Please take a look to this article in order to learn more about this question.


thank you
seems like an overkill

there is a section in oned.conf that can be changed from “file” mode to “syslog” mode
but there are not more details of how write the rest of the syntax (server, port etc’)

maybe there is away to find how to set it?