Opennebula Control-plane - Helm Chart


I want to share with the community the helm chart for opennebula control-plane. Its a work in progress but its up and running.

If someone wants to test and give feedback or open PR for improve/fix-bugs its welcome :slight_smile: . I am going to open a PR in HELM also for host it in stable/opennebula but for call this “stable” i want to test it in different uses cases and have some feedback.

As discussed with the opennebulta team, I would like to invite someone in the team, and @kvaps (which I base part of the work on he’s, bdw shanks for sharing). to co-maintain this chart in HELM repo.

It is fully automated, it will create the ssh keys and based on that create the kuberenetes secret on the startup, the same for the serveradmin secret (it will read what onedeamon created). Those secrets are being mounted in the pods.
This is a workaround cause this is not very docker - friendly :D… we can not bootstrap the db if sunstone_auth or other _auth files are already there.

Its tested on bare metal server OK. Also worked in Minikube but it have some issues for TCP services, there is a few issues related on minikube repo.

To make opennebula container friendly it would we nice If when Oned boostrap the db: if it find _auth files, try to read the secrets form this files and update the db based on that, so we can define serveradmin password in advance. (to mount the same secret where its needed)


Hi @zakkg3,

This is a really exciting development! And as you mentioned, it is great that you are reaching out to get others in the community to jump-in and help contribute to testing and fixing bugs / developing any improvements. I will urge the User Community to do the same.

At the same time, I would like to urge you to see if you can find some time to draft a quick Blog Post, which outlines what you’ve developed, how it can effectively be used, and why… and provide any other pertinent details to share with the Community. If you can pull that Blog post together, I will help you in any way necessary, and it would be a great way to bring more focused attention to this development.

Let me know what you think. You can reach out to me directly at

Great work!


Hi @mabdou
Ok sounds great. We are deploying Opennebula over k8s and will be in production in the coming weeks. I am working on this and I want to have the whole experience before taking the time to write it all down. So I will come back to you when this is all done.

That sounds great, @zakkg3!! Keep me posted if there is anything I can do to assist.


Hello @zakkg3, I’m just circling back to see how things are progressing here. I hope your production deployment is going well. Reach out if you are running into any issues.


Hi @mabdou we are still working on this, not deployed in production yet, but we managed to run the VM’s on containers (systemd / livbirt / kvm). We needed to build opennebula from source among other workarounds, like for the logs to stdout, don’t demonise, passwords sync between the components and so on. We are very close to a production-grade but more things are showing up. Like some say, day 2 is the real challenge :smiley:
I will push to my public repo when we have a solid working state.
I am also writing down the most important things to consider to make opennebula Kubernetes friendly.


Hy everyone, good news here.
I was able to install a fully working production-grade OpenNebula in about 2 minutes (mysql persistence and bootstrap takes about 1 min ).
The project now is under the ETHZ HPC official GitHub org.
@mabdou I have a draft of what we did, and also a few things it would be amazing to have in the coming versions to make OpenNebula closer friends with Kubernetes (run in the foreground, logging to stdout and so on), let me know if you want to have a chat on this. Is there a slack channel for OpenNebula? or something like?


This is great news, @zakkg3! I think this would be a great addition to be included into the OpenNebula Add-on catalog, as well! If that sounds good to you, I can work with you to get things set up to do so. Here is a link to the steps for adding to our Add-on catalog ( I would assume that you would be the “Add-on Leader”, and we could pick up from Step #6 (we would create a repository in the OpenNebula GitHub. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Regarding your blog post, I can create you a WordPress user account so you can upload your draft, and I’ll work with you to get it ready for publication. Send me an email ( with your full name and email address, and I’ll create the profile.

And we want to hear about your feedback and suggestions for new features. We have an IRC channel (#opennebula on Freenode) where you can open a messaging channel.

I look forward to hearing from you.