OpenNebula Local HDD configure as datastore

We are currently using shared datastore with OpenNebula and its successfully working properly. Now we need to configure hypervisor local HDD has datastore so that VM can deploy to local HDD. Anyone, please share your experience.

I have been using local HDD storage for 3 years.
Easy for deployment and support infrastructure;
Easy for manual intervention;
IOPS localization;
Long time needs for VM migration;
Host disaster may lost your VMs data;

Great news that you are using Local HDD. Could you please share some guideline so that I can configure and use local HDD and datastore for OpenNebula?.

There isn’t special guideline except Opennbula’s documentation.
I have dedicated servers with RAID10 disk arrays, with 2x1GB LACP Network
Disk space is divided on 2-3 partitions
mount point /boot - 2-5 GB
mount point / - 40 GB
mount point /var/lib/one/datastores/ - other disk space
System datastore 0 was configured with TM_MAD=ssh, SHARED=no options
Image datastore was configured with DISK_TYPE=FILE, DS_MAD=fs, TM_MAD=ssh, TYPE=IMAGE_DS

During deploy your VM’s image will be copied via ssh to destination host, and placed to /var/lib/one/datastore/STOR-ID/VM-ID/