OpenNebula v.5.8 beta is available!

Take some time to see what you will find in v.5.8, download it and give it a test-run!
Let us know what you think!

The OpenNebula project is definitely moving forward.

There are some small issues with the new LXD feature (reported) but generally it feels good.



Are there some screenshots of Sunstone uploaded somewhere?


A complete noob here.
Wondering how the dev team here is dealing with the hard programmed in constant upgrade process present in the snapd/lxd environments?

(The question is how a mission critical system handles the snapd/lxd upgrade process (driven by the snapd/lxd dev team design logic) as there is no way to harness nor control said upgrades, neither in frequency nor in application.)

You could try spinning up minione with argument --version 5.7 :wink:

Anton Todorov

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Hey, currently I think there is no way of installing LXD on 1810 with snap packages. Since Canonical is pushing snaps as the ‘way to-go’ in terms of installing software and snaps updates being not possible to disable, only to reschedule, you just have to embrace it. However there are some things you can do to increase your stability:

  • Use 1804/1604 with LXD 3 with apt
  • If you want 1810 or another distro with snaps, I’d recommend going for the lts version of the LXD snap sudo snap install lxd --channel=3.0/stable

LXD team don;t recommend using the monthly builds for production. I can say as a daily snap user on Archlinux I haven’t had issues with the auto refresh process.

Well - - - - haven’t been following (sorry).
Can tell you that I have had problems (serious ones) when I chose to not allow the constant update scheduling.

As it is my system under my control I will choose when I update - - - - and I don’t update notoriously buggy packages very often either. (Yes LXD managed to swallow a ‘nice one’ and although the apology was fulsome - - - - that isn’t enough to justify on a serious business system where things MUST work.)