PCI passthrough and VM migrations

Hi all

I do not know if someone else has the same issue.
We want to try to migrate a VM to a different hypervisor but this VM is using PCI passthrough. This is not supported by libvirt by default, even if the PCI device is available from different hypervisors.

Do you know any workaround to be able to migrate a PCI PT VM in opennebula?

Cheers and thanks!

Hi @alvaro_simongarcia,

You can migrate a VM with PCI devices by using the poweroff migrate.

onevm migrate <vm_id> <host> --poff or onevm migrate <vm_id> <host> --poff-hard

If you are using a version previous to 5.8.2 please take a look at this bug before migrating: https://github.com/OpenNebula/one/issues/3230

Hi @cgonzalez

Thanks a lot for the tip. We will try that in our testbed, also we are testing the new 5.8.x release there.

We were looking for a regular migration without shutdown but this will help us to automate our migration process when we have to shutdown an hyp.

Cheers and thanks!