Periodic actions with relative time in template


I would like to apply a “action” to a template. What I need is an action that runs a “undeploy-hard” after 15 minutes after starting a VM but I need that each time the VM is started, action runs after 15 minutes, so I need a “periodic action with relative time”.

Configuring a “relative time” action is easy:

However, if I want that this action could be rerun after 15 minutes each time VM is started, OpenNebula (6.4.0) doesn’t allow it. Or action is “Relative Time”:

or action is “periodic”, but with this option, I can’t select after how many “relative” minutes I want to rerun the action:

Is there any way to configure what I need?


If you need to trigger an operation for every VM after every time the VM gets to running you are probably better off with VM state hooks and implement the 15 min delayed execution there.

For a more native approach please open a feature request. It could be either or both a delayed hook execution and a “periodic action with relative time”.