Please help, can't assign ip address to vm vcenter

I have two virtualization, KVM and VCENTER. I set the template CentOS 6.5 from Market of each case.

For KVM’s vm ip address assigned without any problems, for vcenter’s vm opennebula leased ip address, but network interface eth0 not state to up at starting machine and ip address not set.

What mistake I made? Thanks for help, sorry for noob question :slight_smile:

Did you set up the vCenter VM to use the contextualization OpenNebula packages?

I downloaded the images from the Market, I thought they had already prepared? For KVM this proved true, but for vmvare I do not find this file /dev/disk/by-label/CONTEXT. Is there a reason for the absence of this image or need something else?

You need to install the latest contextualization packages, the vCenter contextualization mechanism does not rely on a CDROM but rather on the VMware tools.

Is there a step by step guide? More than this?

5.0 guide is more up to date: