Prevent networking change for specific vm

hi. is it possible to make a vm impossible to change a network? say i have an cloud user, that has say 10 vms. and i want that one of those vms will be locked to any hardware change. is that possible?

sure, in Sunstone web interface, go to:
Templates > VMs > select your template and click “update”.
On the first tab, called “general” you should see some options at the bottom, one says:
[ ] “Do not allow to modify network configuration”

oh cool, thank you. will this also apply to day2? meaning, after the vm is up with that modification in place (do not allow…). can then the user change the networking?

i’ve tested it and after the initial creation (which is fine, because the user can’t select networking), the user can add networks to the vm. how can i prevent that?