Problem with host_hooks

Hi guys.
I need some help with host_hooks.
I’m testing HA and in one moment host_hooks stop working.
I have 3 severs (sunstone, oned) and for these servers configured HA RAFT. Mark these servers as - S1, S2, S3. The leader server is - S1.

And i have 3 kvm-nodes. Mark these as - N1, N2, N3.
So, i stop libvirt service on the node N1. And after some time i see how the host_hook runs and my VMs successful migrated to other nodes. On this stage everything is ok.

Then i start libvirt serivce on the node N1, move the leader to S2 or S3 and stop libvirt sevice on node N2. And on this moment my host_hooks don’t start. In the logs i don’t see any messages about host_hooks.
Can, please, help me why is this happening?