Problem with PCI Passthrough


The link says PCI Passthrough — OpenNebula 6.0.1 documentation

A new table in onehost show command gives us the list of PCI devices per Host. For example:


I enter onehost show and receive a message:

[root@kvm-gpu-test ~]# onehost show
Command show requires one parameter to run
show <hostid>
        Shows information for the given Host
        valid options: decrypt, json, xml, yaml

     --decrypt                 Get decrypted attributes
     -j, --json                Show the resource in JSON format
     -x, --xml                 Show the resource in xml format
     -y, --yaml                Show the resource in YAML format
     -h, --help                Show this message
     -V, --version             Show version and copyright information
     --user name               User name used to connect to OpenNebula
     --password password       Password to authenticate with OpenNebula
     --endpoint endpoint       URL of OpenNebula xmlrpc frontend

Please check what you write in the documentation.

Hello @yatakoi,

You need to specify a host ID or name in order to use the command as the help is showing:

Command show requires one parameter to run

IMHO there is no error in the documentation, the documentation is telling you the command you should use, but before using the command you need to read CLI help or man page in order to learn how to use it.


Hello @ahuertas.

Thank you.